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February 20, 2008

Orgy In Darkness

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It was a hot steamy July evening I invited a friend of mine over to do some
BBSing. She arrived at my house around 8:30pm, and ready to do some nasty
chatting on MSS. No sooner did Veronica get in the door than the skies grew dark. The
storm struck with lighting and thunder. The lights began to grow dim,
and eventually the went out, leaving us in the dark with no power to run
our computer. Not knowing what to do (obviously were addicted), we lit some
candles and placed them in different areas of my sunken living. With no power
for the A/C the humidity was horrendous, unbearable with the heat. At least we
were glad that we had a portable radio. We turned it on to a mellow station.
Veronica said “Hey Jan,I can’t stand this heat anymore. I hope you don’t mind if
I take off my pants.” I said, “Hell no, it’s too HOT to wear anything. I think I
will take off mine too.” Wearing only our t-shirts and panties, we sat patiently
waiting for the power to come back on. As we sat in the flicking lights of the
candles, we were really bumming. Hours went by and still nothing. Wondering
what the hell to do we decided to write a story, because with no computer it
was boring! Just then Jan remembered she had some private numbers of some other
BBS users and made a suggestion to call and see if any of them had power. (more…)

November 20, 2007

Loving kiss

As we relax and bask in the moment, you begin to softly kiss my
neck. Your lips feel so nice, so soft and wet against my skin. Your
hand runs over my chest, caressing it, playing with my hair there.
I feel the smoothness of your back, the suppleness of your
skin just above your rear. Feeling your touches and your beautiful skin
is very erotic, and I begin to become aroused again. My cock begins to
stir, hardening slightly. (more…)

November 4, 2007

Love to a married girl

What’s in a picture? Well, in the picture I cherish there is more
joy and peace and love than any mere mortal like me should ever
know. The picture I am speaking of is the imperfect image of the
one I love. She is one of such exceedingly great beauty that it
cannot be captured on anything by Man’s hand, but to me it
represents her, and that is as near to heaven as I am likely to

But the picture, besides being an imperfect symbol of utter
perfection, is exceedingly cloudy. The incidental fact that this
exquisite creature of God does not love me, but another, sheds
blazing insight into my dilemma - loving one who does not love you
back - an age-old poignant story. (more…)

October 30, 2007

She felt alone that night

Caroline really felt alone that night.. husband Jerry had been out of town
for two days in Montreal, maybe sleeping with his girlfriend, that damned stu-
dent of his who’s so young and gorgeous.”I wonder what they do together that
Jerry and I don’t; we sure have super satisfying sex, and often. I wish he were
not so highly charged in the sex department. It would be so nice if we could
just relax a bit more and spend more nights together at home and on dates..
Well, that’s enough worrying about it for this evening. I’d better take my
shower, wash my hair and dress for my concert with the orchestra tonight. Boy,
do I have important and challenging solos to play. I wish Jerry could hear this
one - he always appreciates my playing and tells me how much he loves to hear
me in solos I frequently have. (more…)

August 16, 2007

Sex At Worn In Mens Room Story

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Archive-name: Working/mensroom.txt


Archive-title: Men’s Room

It was a typical boring Monday morning. The weekend had come and

gone and here I was back at the “old grind”. My in-basket was

piled high with memos and junk mail to sort through. I went down

to the lounge to get my morning coffee and on my way back I

thought I would stop off at the men’s room to milk my python.

I had always dreamed of the things that could happen in the

company men’s room but today the dreams were going to be more

real than I could ever imagine.

As I walked through the door I could hear a slight moaning sound

coming from the oversized handi-capped stall at the end. At

first I thought it must have been someone who had a worse weekend

than I had. I walked over to use the urinal and after unzipping

my fly and grasping hold of my rod, it happened. Something in my

mind told me that the sound I had heard wasn’t a painful moaning

but a moaning that comes from shear erotic pleasure. Just then,

I heard it again. This time it was even more distinct than the

first time. Again it happened. By now I was more curious than a

weasel outside a chicken coop. I just had to investigate.

Without even putting my cock back in my pants, I walked to the

end stall. I gently peered through the crack in the doorway and

there sitting on the toilet seat was the cutest little blonde I

had ever laid eyes on. How she got there will continue to be a

mystery but let’s get back to things at hand. She was sitting

there with her dress pulled up and she had a large cucumber in

her right hand that she was slowly pumping in and out of her wet

crack. Her eyes were closed and she was so far into her

encounter that I really didn’t want to make myself known. I

stood there for what seemed to be an eternity. Needless to say

my limp snake had heard the call of the wild and was up and ready

for battle. It was about all I could do to hold back from

blasting a hole through that stall door. Maybe it was the sound

of my shoes on the tile floor or maybe my stifled moaning, but

she finally came back to Earth and noticed me standing outside

the stall. I thought she would scream or something terrible like

that and I had visions of the CEO coming in and firing me. But

it didn’t happen anything like that. She slowly leaned forward

and smiled as she open the door and motioned to me to come inside

and service her. Being the gentleman that I am, I couldn’t deny

her request.

After entering the stall and locking the door, I learned why she

picked that particular place. You see, the handicap stall is so

nice and roomy that we could have an orgy in there and no one

would be the wiser. She first took me by the hand and led me

over to her. She was still sitting on the toilet and since she

was somewhat of a nymph it was easy for her to take my rod in her

mouth without straining. She started by licking the head of my

throbbing rod. Around and around she went and now my moaning was

so loud I was sure someone would hear me. Finally after teasing

it with her tongue she looked up at me and I was out of it. So

she buried her head between my legs and took the whole thing into

her her mouth and deep into her throat. She continued to suck on

it, in and out, in and out, ’til finally I couldn’t take it any

more and I came in her mouth. She was so excited to feel that

warm cream in her mouth that she sort of giggled like a little


After she swallowed it all and licked me up she motioned for me

to kneel down on my knees. I had scarcely done so when she

grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head between her legs. I

didn’t know that while she was giving me the blow job she had

sprayed some sweet smelling perfume on her cunt. Now it was all

ready for me to go to work on it. I toyed around at first. My

tongue lapping at her lips. Then it was all the way. I’ll never

forget how it tasted. Just like a big Charms all-day sucker.

She twisted and moaned then finally she came and squealed as she

pushed on my head trying to get my tongue to go deeper.

After a few close glances and smiles, we traded places. This

time I was on the seat and she turned around and sat right down

on my still-hard cock. She placed her hands on my legs and

started to go up and down while I played with her hardened tits.

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was my older system telling

me to stop. But I just couldn’t get off in that position. So I

gently whispered for her to turn around and face me. She did and

this time I decided to try something new. I raised up from the

seat holding on to her ass cheeks and being the nymph that she

was it was easy to hold her and pump her pussy at the same time.

I was in complete control. I pumped her with everything I had.

And I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. But

she was screaming for more. She kept saying “give it to me baby”

I couldn’t believe any chick taking this kind of sex. At the

point I thought I was going to pass-out I felt my soldier

ejaculate it’s hot fluid. She squealed as she came at the exact


I gently pulled her off of me and set her back down on the toilet

seat just the way I had found her, dress up and all. I thanked

her for allowing me to be of service and she simply smiled in

return. I never saw her again but maybe sometime you go into the

men’s room you might hear some moaning from the last stall on the


August 7, 2007

Special Moments Story

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Night and the Evening, The

I have this wonderful apartment near the University. It’s one of those
setups that people kill for. Of course, it’s only so sweet because the rent
is reasonable. A large, 17′ x 17′ room with a skylight, it’s in the upstairs
of a average sized house that I share with three other guys, all of which are
basically out of school and working.

On weekends, I invite the ‘crowd’ of friends over for get-togethers
upstairs, with the mood lights, mixed drinks, and light conversation. The
whole setup is quite relaxing, even if I don’t get out often, and when we
need some wildness, we simply bring the party downstairs to the living room
and crank up some INXS on Chris’s stereo downstairs and play quarters and
dance lasciviously with friends and lovers. It’s all quite simple and

This weekend I planned on starting with a get-together and then moving
it into a full party as more people arrived. The guest list included the
usual bunch of friends, including the same lot I’ve known for years, plus
the numerous acquaintances I’d met through them, including my girlfriend,
Nicole, who I’d met at the last get-together. She decided to come over
for dinner, so I cleaned up the place during the early afternoon.

The party wouldn’t start for another couple of hours, so I was quite
relaxed. Nicole was looking at ease, as she always did, and after feeding
her some fettucine and sausage in white sauce, we laid back satiated. I
clicked on the mood light, and sat back, leaning my head on her chest.
Nicole’s chest is always something I’ve admired, with her monstrous breasts
extending out at least six inches. Plump and soft, they often remind me of
your pillow after a long day’s work: something you can dive your face into
and be lost forever, and the more you wiggle, the more cozy it feels.

All during this, she was playing with my hair, softly caressing the long
black waves, twirling them in her fingers. It was so relaxing with the
Billie Holiday tape playing the background.

Day in,
Day out…
That same old hoodoo
follows me about…

I looked up at her chin, and brought my hand up to her neck, placing my
opened palm across it, and slid it up to where my fingers touched her right
ear. Slowly stroking the lobe, first on the surface, and then probing inside,
I felt her entire head arching back, the tension of her hands released from
my hair. Like an almost irresistable urge, I brought my face to her neck.
A glancing touch of my cheek against her neck, and then the hot, wet breath
upon her skin forced her head to arch back further. She let out a sigh, and
I could imagine her eyes rolled back, lids closed against the red light which
glowed overhead.

I kissed her neck very gently. The slight shiver ran up to meet my hand,
which now was sliding through and through her wispy, brown hair. The other,
meanwhile, was running lines across her left leg, while I rested my torso
across her lap. The masterful trick was in coordinating the “mazy motions” of
the hand on her calf to those of the right, now reaching behind her head. I
blew again on her neck, halting the hands- again, the shiver. Starting up
again, I pulled myself up to a more dominant position, and touched my lips
to her neck, but did not kiss it. The stroke was even, smooth, and brought
my face up closer to hers. Sliding over to the left, I breathed a sigh into
her ear, “Ni- cooooolllleee…” the same way people do at salt water beaches,
when their lungs are filled with salt, and mist and sand. I was filled with
desire, and breathed this into her ear, and began gently rubbing and licking

Eventually, I tired of this, and rubbed my cheek against hers and then,
quite suddenly, glided my lips over hers, barely touching. The sensation
was electric.

Baby, you’d never know it,
But I’m kind of a poet…

So gimme me one for my baby
and one more for the rooooaaaddd…

Later, we moved over to the bent chair. My housemates have a bunch of
old chairs. You know the kind that have metal tubes the somehow hold up
the weight, and don’t bend back when you sit on them. Well these had
bent back. I was leaning back on the chair, but my back was to the seat, which
worked fine since the whole thing had bent to the floor. Nicole was lying
on my lap like I had before to her, but she was extending her legs out to my
right. I had my right hand on her hip and was rubbing her hip and legs, gracing
over and under her remarkable curves, and occasionally glancing between her
legs as if it was an accident. My other hand was wandering around her neck,
face, hands, arms, and often slipping across her breasts. Still enclothed
by her sweater, I knew that she felt this, but not enough to take this as a

The neat thing about this bent chair is that it rocks forward until your
rear end is on the ground. However, if you keep your weight back, you can adjust
this and get a rocking effect. I began using this as a way to keeping her
face just out of reach of mine, so she couldn’t kiss me until the time was
right. I stared into her eyes, like a man possessed by a demon far worse than
one she thought she unleashed. After short periods, she became unnerved and
swooned to look away, a schoolgirl again. But being in such proximity, she
eventually caught my unbreaking gaze from her periphery and looked back,
holding my trance as long as she could before repeating this cycle. All this
time, she tried to edge closer to me in an attempt to start the kissing, which
she felt more comfortable with, and which would break this nervous and anxious
moment. Using the chair, I kept maneuvering her body away, and held this for
a long time…

Foggy days
Longon town…

At last, she looked up, and held a gaze at me that signaled “Enough!” and
I returned it, affirming the kiss she wanted. Only, I stretched that as well,
making the movement of my head to hers take minutes. Even moreso, my lips only
touched hers by the slightest of pressures, and the whole feeling was one that
you couldn’t be sure if your lips were really touching or not. And then, in
one motion, I grabbed her hair and leaned over, and kissed her hard…

(the Billie Holiday tape had ended and the live Led Zeppelin tape began)

You need coolin’
Now I ain’t foolin’
I’m gonna send ya
back to schoolin’

way way down inside
woman you need love
gonna give you my love
gonna give you my love

wanna a whole lotta love…

I fell out of the chair and landed atop her. Mounting her stomach, we
continued to kiss, tongues rolling so hard and fast that it became hard to
track, and we knocked into furniture in the apartment. After about the third
roll over, I landed with my face in her neck and began to suck and pull at her
soft skin, licking at the flesh, gripping it with my teeth, with the passion
of a vampire.

when you squeeze my lemon
I’m gonna fall right outta bed- ed- ed- ed-

Her clothes fell off, like a fact that must have happened, but that was
quickly forgotten - as if it had always been that way, and my shirt landed
equally as far, somewhere near the speaker. We giggled briefly, until I
reached over and kissed her neck again. This time, she shattered from the
sudden heat upon her cold skin, now exposed to the night air. Again, my
lips and teeth dug into her flesh, while my hands gripped her sides and legs
and pulled. Giving her a momentary relief, I began kissing and licking, moving
my face down her neck, as her head released its arch. She stared down, and
in shock, watched as I placed a firm kiss between her breasts. I could feel
her eyes once again roll back, lids softly closing.

And if I say to you tomorrow
take my hand child
come with me
it’s to a castle I will take you
and what is and what should never be…

I began sucking on her breasts and her breathing became hard and regular.
Gently touching the tips of her nipples, I sent waves through. This lasted
as I touched with enough force for her to want more, and then quickly
delivering her. This continued until I returned for a hard kiss. Leaving her
passion unabated, I left the kiss early, and planted one on her stomach.
Moving down as my heands moved up her thighs, I heard a gasp as I felt her legs

Hey Hey momma
said the way you move
gonna make you sweat
gonna make you groove…

My tongue kissed her pubic hair and fingers touched her innermost thigh,
which returned as a pair of hands scraping my back and a gasp. My fingers
began rubbing her clitoris, at first gently, and then hard. One finger
slid back into her anus, while two more shot into her. She screamed as they
slipped over one another…

when all are one and one is all…
and she’s buying a stairway to heaven…

Later, we fell over each other, collapsing onto the beanbag, which had
been pushed back into the corner of the room, behind the bent chair. We
awoke to a knock at the door, an eternity later…

August 1, 2007

virgin Geeks first time

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Geeks first time
All I wanted was a nice, safe, monogomous relationship.
Of course in high school I was a simple guy, a bit different from the rest of the people where I grew up. I had a direction and a purpose; where most kids were interested in going to parties and getting drunk (and maybe a peek if they were lucky), I wanted to study and make something of myself.
You know the kind. Poor white trash tring to make something of himself; the kid in the corner with the glasses held together by tape, calculator in hand. If this were an earlier age, he’d be trying to read the little black numbers off the slipstick; maybe in the future it’s a laptop with holograms projecting out of it’s surface.
Except that I never wore glasses. My parents told me that in order to get along in this life you need to dress well and look good, and who gives a damn about your brains. So I’m just shy of 6 feet tall and fairly well built; I even play waterpolo when sufficiently drunk enough not to care. But my desire was to be a professional, perhaps a systems analyst, with a nice wife and a couple of kids. The dog in the front yard and the Volvo in the garage is optional, of course.
When I was admitted into Pacific Tech, I was elated. All the hard study and good grades allowed me into one of the toughest schools in the state. Yes, the place had a 6 to 1 ratio male to female, but I was only there to study. As soon as I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, and as soon as I graduated to a successful job I would go about finding that nice woman who I could marry and live happily ever after with. My life was progressing quite nicely, thank you, and on the path I forordained for myself.
One of the first things that happens at PacTech (as we all knew the place) was “Freshman Camp”, a place where all the students went to learn about the honor code and meet the various fraternities. It’s generally a three day affair which takes place in a small cove just south of Avon on Santa Catalina Island.
We all gathered in the middle of the student houses for the bus ride out. The freshman class, about 200 students, brought their gear out and waited. Looking around I found more than a sufficient supply of calculators hanging from nerdy guy’s belts to satisfy the computational requirement of any one of NASA’s space probes. I was glad for my parent’s advice to keep care of myself and my apperance; I certainly stood out from the crowd!
The busses arrived, and the great mass proceeded to stuff themselves in. Not in any particular hurry I moved to the back of the second bus, and made myself comfortable. As the bus packed, a rather pretty girl picked me out, and worked her way to the back to join me.
She wore a rather tight leather miniskirt, a tank top, and a black leather
jacket; the exception to the rule of t-shirts and messed up hair. From thisvantage I saw a rather shapely ass and thighs dressed in black fish-net stockings, and something inside of me awoke for the first time.
It wasn’t like I hadn’t ever seen a girl before. I had dated some in high
school. It just was, well, not in my plans for the future. I am a goal-
directed person; if it’s towards my goal I am more agressive than most and stubborn as a mule. If it isn’t in the direction I want to go, however,
nothing can cause it to capture my interest.
But something about the way she breathed was impressive. Her shape, her long flaming red hair, the smell of her purfume; I couldn’t move, couldn’t think.Something more primitive was trying to rest the controls of my life away from me, and I wasn’t too certain I should give in. When she asked if she could join me, I stammered “uh, sure”, and she giggled as she sat down and snuggled up next to me. And my poor mind fried.
Scotty, beam me up! Circuit overload! Red alert! (And as a vision of me
rubbing her thighs, or letting my hand run itself up to the hair between her legs.) She held my hand and asked if I was okay. I didn’t know. The Volvo was sinking fast.
We arrived some thirty minutes and three thousand years later at the dock where our boat would be taking the freshman class out to the island. Gloria, still holding my hand and chatting away about her family and her friends in high school, was still snuggled up very close to me, and I was stiff. Holding hands was safe, but something inside of me was telling me that it wasn’t. The boat arrived, we moved to there, and she sat herself on my lap, holding on to me as the boat moved towards it’s destination.
Actually the boat ride wasn’t too bad; my mind having overloaded itself with the possibility that there may be more to life than computers and a cosy marriage in the distant future. I rubbed her back and told her about the place where I grew up; she held on to me and told me about her house in Texas and how the waters in the ocean were so warm that she’d go swimming nude in the moonlight.
Once the boat arrived, we were seperated. The class seperated, was processed,placed into their appropriate rooms or tents as the situation warranted, and sent on our way to the lectures, meetings, and group talks which were supposed to dominate our life for the next few days. Of course I was disappointed; for the rest of the day through lunch and dinner I hoped to meet Gloria and hold her hand, but of course (my rational part told me) my purpose at PacTech was to study.
After dinner there was a “campfire”. With two hundred people attending it’s rather hard to sit around a single fire and be cozy; and about an hour into this listening to kids talk about their science fair experiments and how they wanted to revolutionize Artificial Intelligence with the unique insight they possessed, I quietly left.
Behind the campsite there is a hill called “Bible Peak.” It is a hill about
two hundred feet up with a cross of wood at the top. It also possessed one of the best views of the campsite and the ocean below. In full moonlight I made the hour trek to the top of the hill, where I found a rock and sat still, watching the white waves crash below.
While contemplating the stars and my future I heard a twig snap behind me. Startled, I turned around. A dark figure worked it’s way up the last 10 feet of hill and sat itself beside me, moon at it’s back. Without a word, it started stroking my hair and face, relaxing me.
Gloria! I was happy to see her again, as I missed her company from the
morning bus trip. She stood over me, while stroking my hair, and started to work herself out of her tank top.
I grabbed her hand. “Hang on,” I said, “maybe we should talk. I’ve never done this before. Can you just sit here and talk with me a while?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Are you okay?”
“Uh, yeah. You just take my breath away. Sorry; I’m just new at this. Please forgive me. God your beautiful.” I was in overload; there were about a dozen things I wanted to tell her but that was the best I could do.
She sat down next to me and held my hand, and we talked some more. She had an interest in photography and I told her how beautiful the moon and ocean would be captured on film. I told her about the stars where I was from and how if you were patient you could make out the Milky Way. She asked me about my lovers and I admitted there had been none; I was always interested in fufilling my dreams, but I had to admit I wasn’t certain what they were anymore. We laughed, and when she went to kiss me on the cheek, it seemed natural to kiss
her on the lips.
She let her hands glide over my back and I held her and stroked her hair. She shivered when I ran my fingernails down her back, and experimentally, I let my fingers run lower and lower over her ass as well. I wispered in her ear, asking if she was alright, and she responded by tumbling us both over onto the grass, her on top.
She pinned me down with her hands on my elbows, and laughed. “I’ve got you now. What should I do with you?” “Uh, whatever you wish; you’ve got me, after all.” To which, she started to unbutton my shirt and kissing my chest.
I worked her tank top off and started rubbing the skin underneath. Her nipples felt hard against my bare chest, and she gasped quietly when I ran my fingers over them. Perfectly shaped, she held one to my mouth and I started licking it, first gently, then hard, pulling the enire nipple in with my mouth and pressed around the tip with my toung.
Gloria picked her weight off of my hips and worked her way around to start taking my pants off. I rotated towards her on my side and started rubbing her thighs. Allowing my hands to work their way up her tight miniskirt, I found her pubic hair wet, though then I had no idea why.
After working my pants off of me, she licked my stiff cock and started sucking hard. What fragments of my mind that survived up until then had been blown, with the smell of her long red hair and her firm ass in my hands, my hard cock in her mouth and part ways down her throat.
She asked me then if I wanted to make love. I said yes, but I didn’t know how. “Don’t worry; let me do the driving.” She unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the ground, and sat herself on me, slowly working me inside. Holding my wrists to the ground, she rocked her hips back and forth until I was all the way in, and rythmically she brought herself up and down.
I was breathless. Gloria smiled at me and shuddered, getting tighter and
tighter around me with each pass. She rocked for several minutes, and then with some effort pushed herself upright, brushing her hair upright and allowing me full view of her glorious chest. I reached up and grabbed one, then the other, and circled her tits with the tips of my fingers, spiralling from the outside to the nipples. It seemed forever she rocked on top of me, both of us moaning and not carring who found us there, until I exploded, and for a moment her face shined in something more than moonlight.
I asked her “Why me?” at some point during our lovemaking, and she laughed, saying “Your cute, and I liked the way you tried to cover your shyness on the boat ride over.” After our lovemaking I held her in my arms and ran my fingers down her back. By this time it must have been midnight; the moon now low over the hills, and she snuggled close, spoon fashion; this time for warmth.My hands fell on her stomach, and I drew circles around her bellybutton and across the top of her pubic hair. Turned on by this I bit the back of her neck softly, and ran my fingers up and down from her chest to her crotch. Her back arched, pressing her ass against my now stiffened member. Grabbing it, I pushed it forwards and in, brushing her clit with my fingers in the process.
“May I drive this time?”
She arched her back even more, reaching around and grabbing my ass to help me in deeper. I held her, one arm around her stomach, and the other arm propping her head up and holding her close. We rocked, I driving myself even deeper and deeper as she moaned. I was sure we must have been heard, but I really didn’t care; the only thing that mattered was this sexy girl in my arms, and driving her as wild as I could.
She broke out in a cold sweat all of a sudden, and I felt a wetness down below that wasn’t from me. She then gasped, and her grip on my ass tightened as I exploded again, clamping down on my teeth to keep from yelling at the top of my lungs.
We met every night on that trip; each time in a different location near the
campsite. She taught me the fundamentals of sex, her shapely body infinitely adaptable to all of about a dozen different positions. And as we sailed back to the mainland back to school proper we held each other at the front of the boat, her arm around my waist and on my ass, and my arm around her body, hand inside of her leather jacket.
It’s been almost seven years since my introduction to the mysteries. Gloria is now married and living somewhere on the east coast; I haven’t seen her in years. I now live alone in a one bedroom apartment in Pasadena; somehow the thought of a house with a wife and kids, Volvo and dog in the yard just doesn’t appeal to me the same way as it did before. It’s not a goal the way it was for me before; now it’s just something that I might like to have someday.
I have had quite a few lovers since that night; I’ve even been in a few
menage-a-trios. With each lover I have learned something different about sex and making love; with each person sex is different but always wonderful. But for me, the first time was special, a time that I shall remember always.

July 28, 2007

Jimmys First Time

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Jimmy Come Lately
King Solomon

Jimmy never did well with women. He was a very average looking guy,
and indeed was of average height, weight, intelligence, and all things
save one. At age 22, he was still a virgin, a fact that occupied his
mind almost constantly, and of which he kept a very closely guarded
secret. A few lies in his high school days had been sufficient to
convince his friends, and by the time he was 21 nobody could have
guessed otherwise.

Though no one knew of Jimmy’s virginity, the fact disturbed him
greatly, and he didn’t know quite what to do. It seemed to him that he
had tried hard enough earlier on, but now, well, perhaps it was his
almost depressive state of mind, or his shyness around women, or his
many rejections. Or perhaps it really was the thought that lingered in
the back of his mind and surfaced from time to time when he met a
particularly sexy woman; the fear that he would get hold of a real woman
and wouldn’t know what to do. He felt sure her ridicule and scorn of him
would scar him for life, and each passing day, week, month, and year
only deepened his fear.

July 16, 2007

good girls

Archive-title: Goody Goodie Girls - 1


Maggie Peters was starting her senior year in Blasedalte High as
sexually unsated as she had ended the previous semester. She was so
horny, every time she took a step she could feel her panties dampen
more and suck up into the rubbery slit of her hot little pussy. After
a lonely summer at her grandparent’s farm in Nebraska, she had
returned to Rochester, New York, no more hopeful than when she had

She was a delicate looking eighteen year old with dark hair and a
petite figure. Her breasts, like the rest of the women in her family,
were unusually large, making her waist appear even tinier than it was
in her pale blue blouse. She wore a pleated skirt, knee high socks and
saddle shoes. Her soft brown eyes scanned the corridor until she
located her best friend, Karen Sheen.

Karen, a fetching blonde with the same big-breasted problem as
her friend, waved when she spotted Maggie. “Hi,” she gushed, excited
to see her friend. “Boy, did I miss you. How was the farm?”

“A farm,” Maggie answered without any enthusiasm. “Are these our

“That’s yours and this is mine,” Karen said, patting a door
separated by another locker.

“Couldn’t we get them side by side?”

“I tried, but this is what they gave me.”

“Wonder what kind of dork the put between us?”

“Hey, don’t be so down. We’re seniors. One more year of this
prison and we’re free for good.”

Maggie forced a grin. “That’s the first encouraging thing I’ve
heard since I got back.”

“Didn’t you meet any boys or anything while you were out there?”

Maggie hung her sweater in her locker and shut the door. “I don’t
think they have boys in Nebraska,” she said above the din of
youngsters racing to their classes.

“Then you didn’t lose it?” Karen asked shyly.

“Lose what?”

“You know,” Karen said, shifting her weight from side to side and
lowering her eyes. “Your cherry.”

The two girls had made a pact at the end of the last term that
this summer would be the season of their deflowering.

July 9, 2007

Teenie Threesome

All at once I had been cursed and blessed on one
school project. I had been assigned to work with one of
the stupidest people in the entire high school, but on the
plus side I had also been paired up with one of the
sexiest creatures ever to walk the halls of my esteemed
campus. Unfortunately, the two were the same people.
Who is the incredibly lame and hotter than hot chick?
Kelly Bundy, a low rent floozy from the south side of town
with long blonde hair, gobs of make up and more low cut
dresses than a downtown hooker. (more…)

June 17, 2007


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This is just the tail-end of a conversation that took place over the net
with a another author (female) when discussing one of my stories, and
one of hers. I thought it might be appropriate to this newsgroup.
It also somewhat explains my story-writing style, and somewhat answers
those who accuse me of being a danger to young girls. As I have explained
before, my fantasy is not to fuck some young girl. It’s to BE said young
girl, getting fucked. Yes: and even knocked up.


>Sure… send it my way. Like I said… I remember pregnancy… I wished HE
>would have found me attractive then… of course, I looked and felt like a
>beached whale…
Gee. . . Sounds like my wife felt.
I was looking at her, so radiantly pregnant, and so gorgeous,
and she was complaining that she looked FAT!
To me, a glowingly pregnant woman is the most beautiful thing
in the world. It gave me a constant hard-on, and she couldn’t
understand it. The other thing that it did, is make me envious.
God! how I wished that I could take her place for a while.
(So did she, and she told me so. . . repeatedly.)

I always have fantasies about being a girl, and getting and being
pregnant. If I was a girl, I probably would have been knocked-up
at age-11, and continuously pregnant since then, during the times
I wasn’t nursing. I guess, it’s really a good thing I WASN’T born
a girl. Anyway, that’s why so many of my stories involve
little girls fucking their fathers. Where else would they even have
a chance, that someone who really loved them, was the one who got
them pregnant? (This always assumes that the little girl seduces
the man, not vice-versa, as usually happens in real-life. Oh well,
that’s why it’s a story.)

June 9, 2007

Ali loses her cherry

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Ali was house sitting for Mr. Ross and Mrs. Tracy Jordan. It was a hot
summer night and the air conditioning was broken. The Jordans wouldn’t be
home for at least another 4 hours so Ali stripped and went to lie down in the
Jordan’s bedroom. Before long she fell asleep.
The Jordans returned and found the sleeping beauty on their bed. She was
still asleep, snoring softly, but her hand was rhythmically squeezing one of
her lucious tits. The Jordans who were in their late 20’s were uncertain how
to proceed with this gorgious 18 year old. Tracy Jordan took the initiative,
dropping to her knees between Ali’s outstretched, widespread legs.
“You really are right, Ross,” Tracy said, hunching down to berry her face
in Ali’s still dripping cunt. “The girl does have one of the prettiest little
pussies I’ve ever seen. Look at it, just like an opening rosebud.”
Before Ross could inspect Ali’s cunt more closely, his wife blocked his
view and started to lick up the cream oozing from the girl’s fuck-tunnel. As
Tracy lapped, more cream came out. The woman plunged her long, slender, hard
tongue between the girl’s now swelling pussy lips, then worked it in as deep
as it would reach, while at the same time muzzling Ali’s stiffening little
clit with her nose.
The girl didn’t wake up, but there were signs that she knew, at least
subconsciously, that something was happening to her. Her hand tightened its
grip on her tit and began to pulse faster. She started to squirm a little bit
and a thin sheen of sweat broke out on her skin.
Mrs. Jordan resisted tonguing Ali to climax. Her intention was to get
the girl ready and eager for her husband to fuck.
“Okay, Ross, she’s creaming to beat hell, she’s more than ready.”
Tracy Jordan had a fantastic figure. Although she was only an inch or
two over five feet tall, her shapely legs looked much longer than they were,
and her tiny waist emphasized the womanly swell of her hips and the jutting
thrust of her big, round, still-firm tits. Her large areolas were a deep
pink, almost purple, and her nipples were as big and round as ripe cherries.
Her dark hair and complexion gave her an exotic, almost Indian look that was
incredibly sexy.
Ross Jordan was doubly excited. The sight of his goreous wife and the
young beauty in front of him turned him on more than he had been turned on in
a long time. His cock was now almost painfully hard and he was sure it was at
least an inch longer and bigger around than it had ever been. At least that’s
how it felt. And his balls were loaded to the bursting point. One thing Ross
had long been noted for, one of the things that decided Tracy to marry him in
the first place, was his endurance. He had been known to fuck for more than
an hour without shooting. He had tremendous control.
As excited as Ross was, he made his move slowly, deliberately, prolonging
the pleasure of anticipation for himself, and hopefully for Ali as well. He
did not want to either frighten or startle her. He was as interested in a
good fuck for her as he was for himself.
Ross hently fingered the seeping girl’s pretty little pink pussy. It was
soaking with her cream. He smiled to himself and got down on his hands and
knees over Ali’s beautiful body. Still denying himself the ultimate pleasure
of sinking his throbbing cock into her tight young cunt, he bent his head down
to lick her long-stretched, steely-hard nipples.
Ali exhaled a giggling sigh. She had been dreaming, dreaming that her
Prince Charming in the shape of Mr. Jordan was about to give her her very
first real fuck. Slowly, she opened her eyes and found herself looking
directly into Ross Jordan’s eyes. It took a moment before she realized she
was no longer asleep and dreaming. Then a wide grin split her face
practically from ear to ear.
“At last!” Ali murmured. “I’ve dreamed about you doing this to me for a
long time, and now it’s reall going to happen!”
Ali closed her eyes again, but raised her arms and wrapped them around
Ross, giving him a powerful young hug that crushed her jutting tits flat
against his chest.
Ross smiled at his wife, who was looking at him with what looked to be a
mixture of pleasure and envy.
“I guess we didn’t have to worry about how she’d feel,” Ross said.
Ali released her stranglehold on Ross and sank back down on the bed, her
eyes still closed. She stretched her arms down to her groin, rubbed a finger
along the oozing slit of her cunt, while tickling her hard clit with her
thumb, and then ran her other hand down Ross’ tight belly, into his thick
pubic hair, and then to his rock-hard prick. Her fingers wrapped around his
rigid cock and she began to slowly massage it.
“Christ, girl, stop it,” Ross complained. “I want us both to enjoy this
with me inside you, not shooting all over your lovely belly.”
“Okay, then, but do it!” Ali insisted.
Ross permitted the girl to draw the head of his riged cock towards her
slippery fuck-slot. Ali may have been inexperienced, but her instincts were
right. When his sleek purple cock-knob nudged into her lust-swollen cunt
lips, she slithered the cockhead up and down her cream-soaked pussy-slit,
savoring the sensuaous feeling it gave her, delaying, raising her desire to an
ever higher pitch before she urged Ross to sink his cock into her.
Rather than abruptly plunge his straining hard-on into Ali’s eager cunt,
Ross Jordan let only his prickhead slip betwen her cream-dripping cunt lips,
then he slowly moved his hips back and forth, gently working his throbbing
prick-knob in and out of her slipery, hot fuck-hole. This
erotic teasing made Ali cry out for more. Instinctively, she raised her legs
and locked her kees at Ross’ waist. When that did nothing to fill her
grasping, starving cunt, she wrapped her legs around his ass and squeezed,
trying to force the rest of his cock into her.
Ali was at lest partially successful. Ross did his best to prevent her
from ramming her cunt into his hips, taking the whole length of his cock at
one stroke, but he couldn’t keep up the teasing, slow-fuck action he’d been
trying for. Her hip movement and the strength of her legs forced well over
half of his riged prick into her steaming fuck-tunnel.
There was a reason why his cock didn’t sink all the way in. It had hit
an obstacle. Despite her athletic activities, Ali still had her maiden-head!
Frustrated at not having succeeded in getting Mr. Jordan’s cock all the way
in, Ali redoubled her efforts, banging on his ass with her heel, bucking her
hips up powerfully toward his. Tis time, it worked. Ali screamed as a
sudden, tearing pain pierced her where the ramrod cock forced its way through
her cherry. Then the pain stopped, his cock slid easily the rest of the way
into her tight, no-longer-virgin cunt.
“Jesus Christ, Ali! Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” Ross
“Because,” Ali panted, ” I was afraid you might not fuck me if I told
“Did I hurt you badly?”
“There was just that one, sharp pain, Mr. Jordan. It feels really good,
It had been a long time since Ross had had a virgin, and he’d never
fucked one who seeemed so eager and was so lovely. Ali’s tight cunt was
gripping his cock, making it feel harder than ever, wearing away his wish to
make the fuck last. With the young girl’s firm, strong muscles fucking her
hips up at his, her cunt grasping his cock in a solid grip, and the intensity
of her desire and lust, Riss didn’t know how long he could hold out before
shooting his hot, gooey cum deep into Ali’s guts.
Ali wanted it, she wanted it to happen and happen soon. She didn’t know
how long she could take the tension, the torture of being so near to a massive
orgasm. She could feel the big shaft and head of Ross’ cock pistoning up and
down in her slippery, hot lust-juicing cunt. The sensation of Ross’ powerful
fuck-post slamming into her belly, filling her with a rising tide of
increasing desire was making her all hot and squirmy deep inside. Now, with
Mr. Jordan’s cock ramming into her, burying itself to the hilt in her
cream-soaked pussy, stretching her cunt lips, massaging her hard little joy
button of a clit, Ali felt the first quivers, the very beginnings of her first
fucking orgasm.
It started slowly, gently, with just a few little shivers of delight.
Then they grew strong, deep ticklings which made her shake a little bit
harder. His pistoning cock kept on driving in and out of her cream-steamed
withdrawing until only the itp of the purple prickhead reamined inside her
slick cunt lips, then plunging down and down until the whole hard cock-shaft
was buried in her, right to the very roots.
Ali’s shivers increased and grew deeper. Little electric thrills started
to radiate out from her taut little nipples. Tiny lightning bolts of desire
shot out from her clit. With each stroke of Ross’ pumping cock, the depth of
Ali’s reactions increased. She started to arch her back, thrusting her hips
up harder, jamming them ito Ross’ groin, forcing the last absolute fraction of
an inch of his stiff prick inside her hungry, grasping, sucking cunt.
The girl was panting like a steam engine, sweat had broken out all over
her sleek, shapely torso. A furious red flush spread all over her skin as the
strenth of her climaxes grew. Little squeaky gasps came from her mouth with
each panting breath. Never before had she imagined such feelings. She hadn’t
even dreamed that anything could feel so good! The pounding of Mr. Jordan’s
rock-hard cock in and out of her hot cunt was making her tremble all over with
Ross could hold back no longer.
“Jesus Christ, I’m cojming, Ali!” he grunted. “I’m coming, now!”
The girl didn’t answer, she just squealed out loud with joy as she felt
his cock harden even more, then a pumping wave move up it from base to sleek
purple cock-tip. Suddenly she felt something spurt out, splattering to the
very deepest end of her straining fuck-tunnel.
When Ross’ cum jetted into Ali, it triggered a massive eruption in the
girl. She screamed as her hips rammed into his. Her legs clenched on his
ass, forcing his entire prick deep between her cunt ips. An earthquake of an
orgasm rocketed through her body, setting her clit and her nipples on fire
with lustful joy, sending erotic heat waves sparking all over her body, down
the insides of her thighs, sendng the blood in a roaring rush through her
overloaded brain.
Every muscle in Ali’s body clenched and released, clenched and released,
as the ecxtatic waves of desire pulsated through her. She screamed again as
one final, gigantic spasm rocked her, shaking her like a dog with a rag and
then left her limp. She relaxed. Everything relaxed. Her legs stopped
gripping Ross Jordan and slipped off of his ass and hips. Her eyelids closed.
Her breathing diminished to irregualr, gasping groans. The twitching in her
muscles came to a halt.
“Aaahhhhh!” Ali moaned. “Now I finally know what all the fuss is about!
Wow! Until it actually happended to me, I wouldn’t, I couldn’t have believed
anything could be so wonderful!”

June 6, 2007

The affair

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By: rohit
The darn phone hadn’t stopped ringing all morning! Linda was in the middle of typing a pile of letters, when it rang for what seemed like the fiftieth time! Picking it up and answering, “Mortgage loan department, may I help you?” The party on the other end of the line spoke for about thirty second before Linda said another word. When she did finally speak, all she said was, “At 12:30 in back of the bank,” and then she hung up. At 12:25, Linda stuck her head into her boss’s office and told him she was going out to lunch and would be back in an hour. Stopping off at the rest room, she went into a stall, sat down and took off her panty hose and underwear and after slipping them into her purse, she left the rest room and took the elevator to the ground floor where she went out the rear entrance and jumped into a waiting Oldsmobile 98. “Hi,” she said as she slid into the plush front seat while sliding over to sit next to the driver. “Hi yourself,” he answered back, giving her a quick kiss on the mouth. Pulling away from the curb, he made a right turn and headed east. Before they had even driven half a block, Dan, the driver of the car, had slipped his hand up under Linda’s skirt and wormed his finger into her already dripping slit.
“Baby wants some sugar today,” he said in a half teasing, half serious voice. Linda, opening her legs a little wider, leaned up against him and said, “Oh Dan, I need it really bad, please hurry up!” Five minutes later they were parked in a semi deserted area on Chicago’s lake front not far from down town. With the imposing skyline behind them, Dan started unbuttoning the front of Linda’s blouse revealing a lacy white low cut bra that showed off her 36C breasts to their best advantage. Everyday she wore sexy under clothes in case Dan called and wanted her, and now as he unsnapped her front opening bra, the firm tits spilled into his waiting hands and he said, “Oh baby, you know how I love these!” Her nipples stiffened under his persistent touch, and she squirmed her ass around, trying to put some pressure on her burning clit. She was so hot for Dan she could hardly stand it! The strange thing about it, was that Linda was happily married for about three years and loved her husband very much, and while she hadn’t meant for this affair to start, it just happened!!! We have to go back to the beginning to find out how a happily married young woman would take a phone call at work, take off her knickers, get into a car, and let another man stick his finger into her vagina!
It all started when Linda was visiting a friend of hers one Saturday afternoon. Linda and her friend Connie were sunning themselves by the pool in Connie’s apartment complex, and while Linda was usually pretty closed mouth about her private life, Connie was just the opposite. She liked nothing better than trading gossip about other people’s sex lives! It was at this time she started giving Linda the third degree about her and her husband Greg. “Greg’s out of town again, huh,” Connie asked, “how long this time?!?” “Oh about two weeks,” Linda replied, “he’ll be back on the twenty third.” “Boy that’s a long time to go without it, how do you do it,” teased Connie?!? “CONNIE,” Linda chided, “it’s not that long, and besides, when we are together it’s very good!” “Yeah sure,” laughed Connie, “I couldn’t go two weeks if my life depended on it!” Linda just laughed and shook her head. “What do you say we hit a movie tonight and go skiing with Vinnie tomorrow,” asked Connie, “ya know he just bought a new boat, and he’s taking it up to the Chain to try it out?” Linda thought about it for a second, and decided that a day on the water would be fun, besides, she really liked Connie’s boy friend Vinnie, and she hadn’t been water skiing in years! “Okay,” said Linda, “that sounds good!”
“Wow, Vinnie, what a beautiful boat,” exclaimed Linda, as she walked along side the gleaming twenty nine foot Bay liner! It was actually almost stunning, Vinnie owned his own business, and only bought the best! Connie and Linda hopped aboard, but Vinnie stayed on the dock and said, “We have to wait a few minutes, Dan’s coming along, and he just ran down to the store to get some food and drinks.” “Who’s Dan,” Linda asked Connie? “Oh, just Vinnie’s business partner, I’ve only met him a couple of times, but he seems nice enough,” replied Connie. The two women wandered around the boat, checking out its many features, while they waited for Dan. Ten minutes later, a tall handsome man came down the dock, struggling to balance three bags of groceries. “I think I got everything,” Dan said, “I even remembered to bring nachos!” Vinnie grabbed a bag and the two men stepped on board. “Dan, this is Linda, Connie’s friend from work,” Vinnie said, “and Linda, this is Dan, my best friend and business partner.” “Nice to meet you,” said Linda, extending her hand. “It’s my pleasure,” replied a smiling Dan, while accepting her handshake. Was it her imagination, or had he held on to her hand a split second longer than necessary? Her thought was quickly forgotten, however, as Dan cast off the lines and Vinnie guided the big boat out into the channel that lead to the lake.
It was a beautiful day to be on the water, and everyone had a great time skiing, swimming, eating, and drinking, but at certain times, Linda was sure that she felt Dan staring at her. Even though she was wearing a bikini and had a very nice figure, she felt that his gaze was more than just being appreciative of the female form! That night as they dined on the boat underneath the starry sky, Linda was more aware than ever of Dan’s magnetic personality. When ever he had the chance, he would rest his hand on Linda’s arm as they spoke to each other, she shivered as it was something she hadn’t experienced in a long time! It seemed that when he talked to her she was the only one in the world on his mind, and coupled with the beer and wine, Linda was feeling things that a married woman shouldn’t have felt! At about ten o’clock, Connie pulled Linda aside and said, “I’m going to spend the night with Vinnie here on the boat, could you grab a lift with Dan back to my apartment, I’ll stop by in the morning and pick you up on the way to work, okay?” Before Linda could even answer, Connie kissed her on the cheek and said, “Thanks, I’ll see you in the morning!” Linda looked over at Dan and said, “Well I guess you’re stuck with me, shall we go?” Together they walked over to Dan’s car and headed back to the city mail me at nrg989@yahoo.co.uk or tutul989@yahoo.co.uk
read my other stories on the Lara croft fantasy series.

May 18, 2007

Filthy Jokes

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Q: What’s the best way to kill a man?
A: Put a naked blonde and a six-pack in front of him.
Then tell him to pick only one.

Q: Why do men whistle when they’re sitting on the toilet?
A: Because it helps them remember which end they need to wipe.

Q: What is the difference between men and women?
A: A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need. A man wants every
woman to satisfy his one need.

Q: How does a man keep his youth?
A: By giving her money, furs and diamonds.

Q: How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail?
A: Rename the mail folder to instruction manuals

January 28, 2007

Logn Peis Joke

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Two aliens landed in the Arizona desert near an abandoned gas station. They
approached the gas pumps and one of them said to it “Greetings,Earthling.
We come in peace. Take us to your leader”. The gas pump of course did not
respond. The alien repeated the greeting and there was still no response.
Annoyed by what he perceived as the gas pump’s naughty attitude the alien
drew his ray gun and said impatiently,”Greetings Earthling, we come in
peace. How dare you ignore us this way? Take us to your leader or I will
fire.” The other alien shouted to his companion, “No, you must not anger him,”
but before he could finish his warning the first alien fired. There was a
huge explosion that blew both of them 200 meters into the desert where
they landed in a heap. When they finally regained consciousness the one
who fired turned to the other one and said “What a ferocious creature.
It nearly killed us. How did you know it was so dangerous?” The other alien
answered, “If there is one thing I have learned in mytravel around the galaxy
it’s if a guy has a penis he can wrap around himself twice and then stick in
his own ear, you don’t screw around with him.”

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